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Mentee Testimonials 

"Namrata is an absolute unicorn - a tech professional with amazing people skills. This is extremely rare to find. She is a brilliant leader and knows how to empower people to bring out their best. I was her mentee for over a year through our professional network. During that year she 'transformed' me - not only my CV/profile but also personally. She personifies optimism! She is excellent at time management and can run at least 100 concurrent projects (I'm not kidding). The amount you can learn from her is phenomenal." - Product Director, London 

"Namrata has been my mentor for about a year, and that was an extremely productive time for me. I’ve been going through a career transition, so Namrata helped me a lot to evaluate my options, build the plan and adjust along the way. She is an excellent listener, leaving you space for those precious “a-ha” discoveries from inside, rather than dispensing one-size-fits-all prescriptions. Finally, thanks to Namrata, I’ve built the confidence that I could make it into my dream career. Can’t recommend her more." - MBA student, London Business School 

"Nam is the kind of person who would know exactly what she’d be doing in 5 years time. Forward thinking is her super power! She mentored me few years ago and helped me in drafting my career blueprint. Nam’s approach is realistic; it includes Plan B/C/D. She’s pragmatic and doesn’t give false hope. She is an excellent leader and thorough in whatever she does. If you have her by your side, success will follow." - Product Director, Los Angeles

"I had the good fortune of being mentored by Namrata for 6 months in 2018 as part of a corporate mentoring program. Nam provided to me invaluable insights into career development, workplace navigation and work/life balance. Nam is clearly an expert in her field based on her excellent tutorials on digital strategy. She is very well read and the depth of her knowledge is far beyond her years. I will always be grateful for the time and knowledge that Nam gave to me and hope that everyone experiences a mentor of her caliber once in their lifetime." - Sales Director, Toronto 

"I got introduced to Namrata through my network and she agreed to mentor me. I have to admit, the day we were to have our first conversation I was quite nervous. I was worried that my indecisiveness would put her off. But what happened during our very first conversation simply changed my life. Namrata has such a magnetic and energetic personality. She puts you at ease with her warm demeanour and I felt like I found a long lost friend within the first 5 minutes of our conversation. Her sense of clarity & focus are commendable. She is such an inspiration and I am very happy to recommend her to all young professionals out there." - MSc Student, University of Leeds 

"I was lucky enough to be Nam's mentee for about 6 months. Throughout the process I never felt that she was advising/teaching me. It felt like a really fun project with someone who is highly knowledgable yet down-to-earth. Nam's spirit is infectious; 'nothing' is difficult for her and she makes you feel the same. She boosted my confidence tremendously, and I still reach out to her if I am ever in doubt or distress." - Product Manager, New York

"Namrata is an amazing and resourceful career mentor. I spoke to Namrata on the phone for the first time and within the first 10 mins into the conversation, she already got me stirred up and my brain was stimulated with career options and how to market my brand. That phone conversation lasted for over 30mins during the initial consultation and in the end, she had shared valuable ideas with me even though we had not even agreed a contract. I thought to myself, 'this is real passion for what she does'. If you need someone honest, passionate about your success, humane and supportive, I think Namrata is the person. She is so good she can support you even at last minute notice. I will definitely retain her services for as long as necessary." - Clinical Lead, NHS England